Toronto Maple Leafs: The Blue N’ White Tonight Podcast

We are now just a few days away from the debut episode of the “Blue N’ White Tonight Podcast” where we look at “The Shanaplan” and the Toronto Maple Leafs’ complete change in philosophy. Here’s a special message posted Wednesday afternoon on the Official BNWT SoundCloud Page…

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So why the hell do we need another podcast you might be asking? Well the truth is, the LAST THING we need is “just another podcast!” I came up with the idea for BNWT after listening to numerous online shows all over the internet. Some were Leafs-related and some were about hockey in general. Some sounded great and some sounded like they were recorded in the utility closet of a subway tunnel! A few were very serious and others were trying too hard to be funny and different.

As a regular online Leafs writer, I’m always look for ways to expand my reach when it comes to providing quality Leaf content for the the largest fanbase in the National Hockey League. After thinking it over for a couple of months, I decided that I wanted to produce a Leafs podcast featuring my own knowledge and ideas! That is where the idea of the “Blue and White Tonight” was born.

In late July, I approached fellow Barrie-area online Leafs writer Jon Stamos regarding the position as my co-host and he accepted immediately. A few days later, Ryan Gilchrist was brought in as producer and the ball was rolling.

The Studio…

When the decision was made to go ahead with the Blue N’ White Tonight, it was decided early on that no shortcuts would be taken. We would not be using microphones and headphones purchased at Dollarama. We are using professional equipment and feel that the quality of the podcast will speak for itself. We are recording through a 12-channel mixer using dynamic microphones and studio headphones.


A little extra “ambience” was added with a light up “GO LEAFS GO” sign and a huge hanging logo of our beloved blue and white! And what hockey-based podcast would be complete without a framed print of the Hansen brothers on the wall?


With all due respect to other podcasts, we are not recording at the dinner table with yesterday’s leftovers in full view. The Blue N’ White Tonight set has the look and feel of a genuine studio that will make any in person guest feel right at home.

The Show…

BNWT will be about the Leafs and ONLY the Leafs. No branching off to talk about politics, children’s shows, or our favourite flavours of ice cream (mine is Peanut Butter & Chocolate FYI.) This will NOT be your everyday run of the mill production. Much of the content will be taken from my weekly “View From The Blues” column here at Leafs Hub.


Each episode will be recorded on Sunday afternoon and released a few days later on Soundcloud. Our official account is at: BNWT Podcast. The show will consist of three 20-minute periods, just like a regular NHL hockey game. If 60 minutes isn’t long enough then we’ll head into “sudden death overtime” and we’ll talk until we feel that we’ve covered everything we wanted to touch on. There won’t be any “we’re out of time” announcements on Blue N’ White Tonight.

Every good show needs great song intros for each segment (or in our case “period”) so we immediately started looking at copyright laws. After a few days perusing music choices on different sites, we decided to purchase three song clips. That’s right, we actually purchased the rights to the music we use on the Blue N’ White Tonight!

Expect some great guests, (the first appearing on Episode 2) some crazy characters, and some off the wall humour! Stay tuned for guest announcements. We could give some of them away now but what fun would that be?


Sunday, August 23- “BNWT LEAFS SUMMER WRAP UP SHOW” Jon and I recap “The Shanaplan” and all the off-season moves that the club has made to reshape the organization this summer in the debut podcast!

Sunday, August 30- “BNWT YOUNG MARLIES SPECIAL” We’ll be joined by a VERY SPECIAL GUEST as we review the roster of the Leafs’ AHL affiliate and get set for the most anticipated Marlies season ever!

The Contest…

Thanks to everyone for helping us move past 300 followers! You guys are awesome to give us so much support at such an early stage. With that being said, it’s our goal to have as many people as possible watching the show. So, when we hit 500 followers, we will be opening a contest to win this beautiful framed print.


Remember the good old days when our Leafs still skated at Maple Leaf Gardens? An old classic barn which was the inspiration for the name of my weekly “View From The Blues” column that appears here at Leafs Hub every Tuesday. When Dougie routinely scored 100+ points and was arguably the best player in the game! Wendel had returned home and was once again using his deadly wrist shot to blast pucks past unsuspecting netminders all over the league! Please share and tweet this as much as possible so we can get to 500 followers so we can start the contest and give this awesome print away!

So how does the contest work? It’s pretty simple. Here’s how to win…

As stated above, every episode of the Blue N’ White Tonight Podcast will be three 20-minute periods.

  • At sometime during each period on every show, a clue will be given out by BNWT Host Robb Ellis as to the identity of the “mystery Leaf” for that particular show.
  • Each show will have three clues (one in each period) about a Mystery Leaf Player.
  • Using the three clues given, write down your Mystery Leaf for each show.
  • After 12 shows (or more if we haven’t reached 500 followers) all contestants then send their list of 12 Mystery Leafs to:

We will then do a draw to pick the winning CORRECT ENTRY! It’s as simple as that.

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The “Mystery Man”…

Things got a little mysterious this earlier this week when photos of a mystery man appeared on Twitter and in the official Blue N’ White Tonight Facebook group!


Not much is known about this person, other than the fact that he likes the Toronto Maple Leafs, and he seems to have eaten his lunch at McDonalds. As the creator and host of the The Blue N’ White Tonight, I’m sorry to say that I don’t have the answer for you. Co-host Jon Stamos is equally perplexed about the photos.


The answer can only come from our producer Ryan Gilchrist and he is currently “unavailable for comment!” I personally guarantee that he will “come clean” in the studio this coming Sunday. We will get to the bottom of this!

The Social Media…

Listen to all our shows on our Official SoundCloud Page

Lots of show information can be found on our Official Facebook Group

Oh- you thought it was all audio? Not true! Videos will also be posted on our YouTube Channel

Follow us on twitter: @BNWT_Podcast

Our Hosts: @robb_ellis and @ystamos94

Our Producer: @RyanGilchrist32

So there you have it! The answers you’ve been seeking over the past few weeks as we creep closer to the much-anticipated debut! Again, thanks to everyone for the unbelievable support. We won’t let you down!

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