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On Saturday February 14th (Valentines Day), whilst dreadfully waiting for some lovey dovey movie to come on at 9pm (Crazy, Stupid, Love — The movie was actually very entertaining and had no clue Steve Carell was in it), I got random follow from a Nick Konarowski.  After creeping his profile and learning he was as disgruntled of a Leafs fan as I was, in pure trolling fashion trying to get more hits on a survey we were doing here at Leafs Hub,  I respond with this honest invite.


It was this response that intrigued me to find out more about this Nick fellow and a DM chat ensued.  Not really my forte to disclose anything from a direct message chat session, but I will disclose that within the chat he sent me the link to his interview with Oshawa General’s GM Roger Hunt.  Though the episode was only 18 or so minutes long, due to a lock down at Durham College, I was immediately wanting to listen to past episodes.  At night, while the house was quiet, I would listen to one of the shows before bed.  Being a father of 3 and a demanding full time job I rarely have any time for myself, but I made sure to make time to catch up on his amateur internet radio show. Nick is the host of, The Untitled Hockey Show, which is broadcast from within the walls of Durham College every Thursday from 2pm-3pm.  Nick has recently brought on a new co-host, Micheal Bryen (yes with an “e”). I have also been in contact with Micheal and have involved him in a little bit of Q&A as well.  On February 19th, I found myself listening to his show live while making a homemade chunky chicken soup for my kids.  I will say this, it is young, it is fresh and I am excited to listen to them on major sports radio one day.  With natural radio voices, and impressive sports knowledge at the young ages, Nick and Mike will have a successful career in sports media one day. That’s right folks, you heard it here first, at Leafs Hub.

After listening to the live show for the first time I decided to open another DM session with Nick and Mike, offering to do a Q&A with them for Leafs Hub. My goal with the Q&A and writing about them is to expose more people to their, not so known about, hockey show. I want our readers to get to know them and also give Nick and Mike a listen. This isn’t an amateur styled broadcast from a basement corner by some pseudo twitter handled hockey fans. This show is professional and it is the real deal. A glassed in studio with musical breaks gives it the feel of real simulcast radio show.  I will be brutally honest, there have been some abysmal hockey podcasts popping up in the last couple of years, and this is not what I am trying to sell you on. Give this show a chance and you might find your self tuning in every Thursday. I am.

Due to my busy lifestyle at this particular time of my life, I could not meet with them in person so we decided on an email Q&A.

SIDENOTE: Co-host, Michael Bryen called the Winnik to Pittsburgh trade and with good reason during the Feb 19th show. It was not just a crap shoot guess.

SIDENOTE: March 3/17/2015 — It was brought to my attention that Phil (The Newest Guy) McCabe will be remaining with the show for the rest of the school year.

Dear Phil,

      I truly do apologize that I had not involved you within this article.  I had no idea that you were going to become a regular until today. I legit feel bad. No worries though Philip, I will most likely feature The Untitled Hockey Show again at some point and will let people get to know you as well. I do warn you, this is Leafs Hub, and our readers may not be as accepting and forgiving as I am when it comes to poor choices of what team to support. I, on the other hand, respect fans of The Original 5 English speaking teams.

Yours Truly,

Disgruntled Hopeful


Get to know Nick Konarowski




How old are you?


How long have you been a Leafs fan?

All 22 of those years.

Why the Leafs?

Haha, good question. It started with my family. My dad and grandfather are all huge Leafs fans, so when I started to get into the game at a young age, I followed the family tradition. But I was cemented as a Leafs fan on Apr. 2nd, 1997. My first game, and I was already a big Mats Sundin fan, so who did we run into outside the Gardens before the game? Sundin of course. He talked with my family for awhile and signed some autographs for me. He was my hero after that.

Who was your favorite Leaf of all time, and why?

Sundin for sure. Not only for the fact of meeting him at a young age, but also because he was the best Leaf in the last 20 years. He was one of those rare players who while in blue and white could dictate the pace of the game with his play. Plus, he has provided so many classic moments, including my all-time favourite goal in game 1 of the ’01 playoffs against the Sens in OT.

Favorite 2 Leafs from the starting roster this season?  And why? I will allow a traded player since one of them is a Leaf at heart. (Totally didn’t bite on my Franson hint)

I’ll go with Olli Jokinen…just kidding. I would have to say Morgan Rielly and Dan Winnik. Rielly has taken a tremendous step forward this year. He has proven he can eat minutes, be a factor on the PP, and his decisions with the puck have been excellent, both when he has time to move it, or when he’s under pressure. Rarely will you see him make major mistake moving the puck. Winnik came to Toronto with a passion for this team and prides himself on his PK work, two constants throughout the year for him. He at times looks like the only skater who still plays at 100% every night, and he in large part has kept the Toronto PK in the Top 10 in the league, even with the team struggling mightily.

If you could pick one untouchable player on this current roster, who would it be, and why?

Hands downs Morgan Rielly. I don’t think he’s close to hitting his ceiling. I believe he has even more offensive potential than he’s already shown, and that with some work on his game in the defensive zone off the puck, he could be an elite level talent to build around.

I have noticed that even though you are a Leafs fan, you can give an unbiased opinion. Unlike most Habs fans walking this earth, why is it that you can fairly value players on the Leafs more so than the “regular fan”?

Hahaha, well there are some Leafs fans who do the same as those Habs fans you mentioned. But I think my opinions are more unbiased because I have become more rational as a person. Going to university for four years really helped me understand that to truly discuss or debate someone/something, you have to think rationally and examine both sides of a story. So I would say that the rational thought helps with being able to remove the fan blinders to a large extent

What program you are studying at Durham college?

I’m in Broadcasting for Contemporary Media. Good program that allows you to dabble in a bit of everything, from radio, to photography, to on-camera/off-camera work.

Do you see Sports Radio in your future?

I would hope so. I love being able to do the Untitled Hockey Show every week, so if I could make a career out of it in the future, that would be a dream for me really.

What is something you think people should know about yourself, that they wont find out from listening on the radio.

Hmm, maybe the fact that I don’t drink? When I tell people this, they usually look at me as if I have three heads. I am in the minority for people my age in that sense, but it’s something that has never really interested me.

My favorite mini segment you run on the show is “Figure It Out”, what mini-segment do you have the most fun doing?

I really like Figure it Out, as it gives us a chance to briefly rant on something that may or may not be hockey related that’s on our minds. For instance, this week’s Figure it Out’s will be the Kingston Frontenacs for the brawl they started this past Friday, and Alex Rodriguez’ apology letter. One of my other favorites would be when we do Leafs trivia, where I get to showcase my unnecessary knowledge with Leafs history.


Get to know Michael Jon Bryen

** Before you guys go berzerko, there is story behind the Bruins shirt, listen for it**



How old are you?


How long have you been a Leafs fan?

Ever since I was a kid I grew up at the Sundin era but I still remember Gilmour being captain.

Why the Leafs?

Honestly sometimes I question why I still am a Leafs fan, but I can’t waiver from my hometown team as much as it pains me to watch their games, I truly believe they need to commit to a rebuild and then we might see results in our lifetime.

Who was your favorite Leaf of all time, and why?

Doug Gilmour, mainly because I saw him play, and play how a captain should play (lead by example mentality). He would go out and hem the other team in their zone and when he switched up the other lines would try to match that through and through. We definitely need a guy like that on our current roster!

Favorite 2 Leafs from the starting roster this season?  And why? I will allow a traded player since one of them is a Leaf at heart. (Once again, totally didn’t bite on my Franson hint)

Richard Panik, because of his work ethic, sick hands and good speed, he’s showing why Stamkos said he was one of the most skilled guys he’s played with, and honestly he has truly surprised me with how well rounded of a player he is.
Leo Komarov, because he brings that same kind of high working mentality (much like Dougie did in his prime) and I feel like hanging on to him is key to this rebuild.

What program you are studying at Durham college?

I am in Broadcasting for Contemporary Media! and loving it!

Do you see Sports Radio in your future?

Absolutely, preferably TV I like people to see who I am.

What is something you think people should know about yourself, that they wont find out from listening on the radio.

I love improvisational comedy or improv, and I want to start a sketch comedy page on YouTube (hopefully in the summer).

My favorite mini segment you run on the show is “Figure It Out”, what mini-segment do you have the most fun doing?

I would absolutely agree with you, “Figure it Out” is a great way to let loose and express exactly how you feel, I would say in the first couple of times I did it, I am just getting in the rhythm of things, I really am feeling more and more comfortable with these guys and with being on a visual radio as more and more episodes are released


Though an amateur line of questioning, I hope some people feel like they know Nick and Mike a little better(Phil soon — I promise).  Our own contributor here at Leafs Hub, Jordan MacKenzie, will be visiting the “Untitled Hockey Show” on March 19th. Jordan will be doing some Leafs Talk and Leafs Trivia with Nick, Mike and Phil on the show. Lets hope Jordan can bring the rain, and kill it in the Trivia segment.  I will be rooting for him.

I have provided some links below to all the shows that have been recorded thus far.  If you want to see into Toronto’s sports radio future I suggest watching/listening to couple.  In the last episode (March 12th) of the show they had The Voice of The Oshawa Generals, Mike Luck on. Mike provided some great insight into starting and keeping your career in any type of broadcasting.  It was a great segment. Also, on the show, they re-broadcasted a previously recorded interview with the one and only Kate Beirness. Give it a listen, it was a good one.


Recorded Live Broadcasts of The Untitled Hockey Show via UStream

March 12th 2015

February 19th 2015

February 12th 2015

February 5th 2015

January 29th 2015

December 4th 2015


In closing: To the boys of the Untitled Hockey Show.  Keep up the good work, keep it fresh, and lastly have fun.  Covering sports should be fun thing to do, though it has been tough covering the Leafs since about Dec. 18th of this season, just have fun with it and keep up the laughs.  Great job so far.  Make me one promise, that you will never make up “insider” stories like “Exhibit A” on TSN.

I have to admit, it was also a lot of fun doing something else than writing about the abysmalness we call our Toronto Maple Leafs.

Dear Maple Leafs,





Till next time ……

Stay Fancy Everyone 😉

@LeafsLostSoul (Disgruntled Hopeful)


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