Q&A with Craig Button

Attention all hockey fans, we have been afforded an excellent opportunity to directly ask questions to the one and only…former NHL General Manager, Mr. Craig Button of TSN. We pass along the following task: Fill out the form below and ask a question in regards to either: 1) the upcoming 2015 NHL Entry Draft, OR, 2) the 2015 NHL Trade Deadline.

Leave us your question, your name, and your twitter handle (if applicable), and we will forward the top 10 questions we receive to Mr. Button for him to respond to.

Once we get the answers to the questions you have pondered, we will post them on the site.

The objective is simple….get your Questions to one of the NHL’s /TSN’s most insightful minds and let him share his knowledge with all of us fans.

Leafs Hub would be remiss if we didn’t take a minute to thank Mr. Button for sharing his time during a very hectic and busy time of year. Thank you!

Thanks for participating, and get writing!!

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