Lou Lamoriello Hired as GM

Again the Shanaplan made waves in LeafsNation this morning. Thus far, from all the twitter banter I have read, this move is either loved or hated. Either way we just hired a great hockey brain.

Since the Devils were the Devils, in 1982, Lou was employed by the team 27 of 32 years. Of those 27 years he made the playoffs 21 of them. The team accumulated 1,093 wins, and 3 Stanley cups during his tenure. If Shanahan trusts Lou, we must too. Shanahan has made many great calculated moves since the Leafs final game this season, and he will be making more. One has to assume that if Babcock is on board with this long “process”, Lamoriello must be on board as too. Friend of the site Corporal Komorov hits the nail on the head.



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