Leafs Hub Survey: Who Stays, Who Goes?

OK, fellow Hubbers, we want to hear directly from YOU on this one. Find your favorite armchair, get real comfortable, put your thinking cap on (Leafs cap of course) and let us know how you would handle this pretty much all but guaranteed Leafs rebuild. That’s right, we have appointed you GM of the Leafs for a day and would like your invaluable insight as the 2014-15 trade deadline approaches.

Now, before you get all excited (at least we hope you’ll be excited) and rush to fill out this survey on pure emotional impulse, take these thoughts into consideration. Yes, we here at The Hub are just as eager to burn this house to ashes as you may be, but we need you at your best in order for this experiment to be truly revealing. Before filling out this survey, we would like for you to consider the big picture and attempt to truly capture the GM role in its full capacity.

Some things to consider are as follows:

  1. What is the value of a player to this team over the next 3-5 years compared to the value he could return in a trade? Choosing who stays and who goes may not necessarily be as simple as basing it on caliber of player. In fact, a high caliber player in the trade market may return early round draft picks crucial to a successful rebuild campaign.
  2. Salary cap management is an integral, and arguably the most important aspect of a GM’s job responsibilities. When choosing who stays and who goes it would be wise to consider how much cap space need be available to retain future RFAs or UFAs.
  3. The mix of veterans and youth in a rebuild may be as equally important as the quality of draft picks in a rebuild. We don’t want a repeat of what has happened in Edmonton where young talent has gone without proper mentorship from vets.
  4. You may even want to consider the business implications of fielding a product that will still gain viewership and produce some revenue. After all, it’s still a business.
  5. Also, when deciding whom to trade, realize that some players can have a positive return while others a possible negative return. For example, (hint hint, wink wink) trading Clarkson may return a player of equal cap exhaustion or require salary retention in order to be done. It’s easy to say, ‘trade Clarkson’, but is it truly feasible.

We don’t expect that all of you consider the aforementioned suggestions and we realize there are other factors that need also be considered, but the aim here is to get you thinking in parallel with that of a typical NHL GM.


The survey we are humbly requesting that you fill will ask the following questions:

  1. Who do you keep on the Leafs current roster? (Choose 5 forwards, 3 defenseman, and 1 goalie)
  2. Who do you trade on the Leafs roster? (Choose 4 forwards, 2 defenseman)

This survey will run until Feb. 24 2015. At that time all survey results will be calculated and a follow-up article will be posted releasing the results. Compare your results with the rest of Leafs Nation and see where it is you lie on the ‘Armchair GM’ spectrum. I hope you have fun with this survey, because we’ve had a blast setting it up! Happy ‘GMing’ Leafs Nation!

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Form by @LeafsLostSoul


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