ArmChairGM: Draft Edition Wrap Up

First of all I would like to thank the 200+ people that had entered our little ArmChair GM Draft Edition survey. What people did not know is that we had planned to award the winner a prize. We weren’t in the business to sell this a competition of “luck” just to get site clicks. We wanted peoples honest opinions and that is what we got. We wanted to know who the Leafs fans where going to be happy with. I think we accomplished that.

As you all know, unless you live beneath a rock somewhere on the frozen tundra of Nunvut, the Leafs had selected Mitch Marner of the London Knights with the fourth overall pick. Personally he was not my optimal choice, but I am happy with this selection. It is not every year that picks 3-5 can evenly be assumed as the, Best Player Available. For the second year in a row, the Maple Leafs selected “skill” as opposed to “brawn”, and this I am happy with.

4th-PickThe above chart shows who the 200+ entrants selected fourth overall leading me to believe that over 50% of Leafs Nation is happy with the selection. It is quite possible, and I also believe that the happiness level is a lot higher than the above chart.


To be completely honest, we had no entry get the top 10 picks correct. Needing to find who was “most” correct, I proceeded to remove the 10th pick from the conditional format, again no one had them right. My next step was removing the 9th, this is when I had found only 2 individuals who had selected the top 8 correctly. Since only one Lowes gift card was donated, I still needed to find who was the “most” correct. At this point I re-added the 10th pick to the conditional format and a winner was found. Congratulations to Jon McKelvie (@jmckelvie) for being the best Drafting ArmChairGM. He sure bested our own in house scout.

Pick Team Drafted Player Jon McKelvie Dudgee
1 EDM McDavid McDavid McDavid
2 BUF Eichel Eichel Eichel
3 ARI Strome Strome Marner
4 TML Marner Marner Strome
5 CAR Hanifin Hanifin Hanifin
6 NJ Zacha Zacha Barzal
7 PHI Provorov Provorov Provorov
8 CBJ Werenski Werenski Zacha
9 SJS Meier Crouse Rantanen
10 COL Rantanen Rantanen Crouse

Thanks again to every one who submitted an entry, without your support we couldn’t put things like this together.


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