ArmChair GM: Draft Edition

ArmChair GM: Draft Edition

Fellow Hockey Fans, with just about one week to go until the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, it is time to finally get your picks on paper….you know what I mean.

Our own in house scout Dudgee, entered his top ten picks earlier this week. Lets see if any of you ARMChair GM’s out there are any better than he.

We have provided Bob McKenzie’s Top 15 picks to assist you in making your Top 10 selections. Simple Right? (no HH, you cannot pick Crouse more than once)

I know all of you are as excited as we are to have this Draft get underway but once these picks are locked in, thats it!! No changing, no “well I was going to”, no excuses. We will not re-do it if trades happen in the upcoming two weeks, so guess according to what you see at the time of this post.

Lets have a little fun with this competition and the winner gets bragging rights until we allow him (or her) to stop. Thanks for playing along and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!

Cheers, from the Team @ Leafs Hub.

Dudgee’s Top 10

  1. McDavid
  2. Eichel
  3. Marner
  4. Strome
  5. Hanifin
  6. Barzal
  7. Provorov
  8. Zacha
  9. Rantanen
  10. Crouse


ArmChairGM: Draft Edition Form

Please follow the instructions carefully, thanks for playing

If the form does not appear, you can use this direct link.

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